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GABN President's Commentary The Ararat Advocate 24-Mar-23
5 April 2023
30 September 2023
4.08 minutes

AS WE pass the autumn equinox, the feel of weather changing, leaves falling, vintage occurring and a promising year ahead for the agricultural sector.

Business is as always, challenging- talking to owners and managers, the environment and outlook is tough. Whilst supply chains are slowly filling, and products become more available, there is still a critical need for trained labour and a willing workforce. Our region has many things to offer- great location, a gateway to the mountains & lakes, great food and great businesses. We just need to pull together to help attract, train and retain staff- that will ultimately create better communities and organisations.

Customer sentiment seems to be waning- with the impact of interest rate rises becoming evident, and people prioritising spending. Please don’t forget local businesses when spending your hard earned dollars – it does go around.

At any given ground or court, with any given team playing you will see local businesses sponsoring and volunteering to make events happen.

Business After Dark

More than ever- your business network, GABN, offers opportunities to network, share and learn with like minded people- in your own town and region. This was more than evident, last Friday night, with local celebrity baker, Pete Sporton, hosting a Business After Dark session at the Willaura Bakery. Over 30 people enjoyed exquisite food, entertainment by BAZZ music and tours of the kitchen and the magic of bread making. Pete’s story from humble beginnings to a crucial cog in the Willaura community is an amazing tale- and I’m sure people walked away inspired – showing what passion, inspiration and hard work can achieve.


We have our AGM coming up on the 30th March, with guest speaker- our local member Martha Haylett, MP, kindly officiating. We ask as many members of the business community attend- this is your organisation, to help drive business in our towns and regions.

Easter Holiday Weekend

The long weekend was once again busy across the region, with tourism and hospitality businesses doing well. The Pitch Festival obviously created a major drawcard, with over 15 000 people coming through- and as will attest on the Friday and Monday, made the streets of Ararat and Moyston extremely busy. A big thankyou to the businesses to those that opened and ‘made hay whilst the sun shined’, it helps portray the whole community in a good light. Hopefully many of these visitors come back for another look, spend and support our region- and become advocates for our region.

If there are ideas or ways , that GABN can assist please contact us via the website, Facebook or pick up the phone.


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