News«The Greater Ararat Business Network (GABN) Extends Support to Pomonal Fire Affected Community
The Greater Ararat Business Network (GABN) Extends Support to Pomonal Fire Affected Community
Cam Conboy, GABN President
20 February 2024
18 June 2024
3.21 minutes
On behalf of the Greater Ararat Business Network Committee and dare I say broader business community, we would like to express our deepest thoughts and sympathies to the communities, families, and businesses grappling with the devastating fires that engulfed Pomonal and surrounds in the past few days.
In the face of the challenging days and weeks ahead, GABN stands united with the resilient communities affected by the Pomonal fires. We understand the significant impact on families and businesses, and we want to assure everyone that we are here to offer support and assistance where we can.
For those seeking assistance or with inquiries we kindly direct you to the Ararat Rural City Council (ARCC) who are actively managing inquiries and coordinating assistance efforts. GABN emphasizes its commitment to working collaboratively with local authorities, relief organizations, and communities to assist. We believe in the strength of community solidarity and are confident that, together, we can overcome the challenges posed by the Pomonal fires.
At GABN, we understand the crucial role businesses play in our communities. We are deeply saddened by the impact of the Pomonal fires on families and enterprises. Our network is ready to support the recovery and rebuilding efforts and support our fellow business owners and the wider community.
Warmest Regards,
Cam Conboy  I   President
Greater Ararat Business Network

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